What is the best ambidextrous gaming mouse design this year?

SteelSeries Sensei Raw is undoubtedly the best ambidextrous gaming mouse in my list. It is much cheaper than the SteelSeries Sensei that was launched back in 2013. However, that is not its only pro. Its ambidextrous grip is more evolved and it is as light as 90 grams. I definitely do not think, it’s big brother, the Sensei comes even close to becoming the #1 on my list. The Sensei has a sleek metallic body that offers poor grip. It becomes a sweat magnet after an hour of intensive gaming. More often than not, I found myself hitting the buttons on the right while gaming.

Available color schemes –

The Steelseries Sensei Raw comes with a glossy finish. However, it is not a sweat magnet. It also has a rubberized version that feels more comfortable under the hand. It offers a better grip and control during gamin actions. The “Frost Blue” edition comes with black glossy top and rubberized sides. The rubberized shell version is a monochrome edition with touches of grey on the side panels. In either cases, the design is quite minimal and well suited for a gamer’s taste.

No more laggy performances –

The new version does not include Sensei’s built-in processor. And that’s a boon! The earlier version had a built-in processor that was nothing more than a killjoy. It would cause glitches during gameplay. Therefore, we definitely did not lose more than a hefty price tag there. The new version of the software is smoother, lighter and more responsive. You can switch between the two CPI effortlessly even while gaming.

What’s new with the Steelseries Sensei Raw?

Understanding the Sensei Raw is easy. It is the SteelSeries Sensei, stripped down to a minimalist design that offers stellar performance. It has been completely revamped and customized for hardcore gamers. It also comes with high quality optical sensors. It comes with a standard USB 2.0 connection and a 6-foot cable for extended mobility. It functions as a plug-and-play device with its own SteelSeries Engine dashboard. This is where you can adjust the illumination, reprogram the buttons and adjust the sensitivity of the mouse. The software is ideal for both PC and Mac.

What are the disadvantages of the Steelseries Sensei Raw?

Sensei Raw’s effortless gliding, smooth finish and light body makes it one of the best mice for pro gamers. The biggest disadvantage includes its lightweight. The mouse is so light that its rubber cord can move the mouse around on the pad. The other disadvantage is the placement of the right-side buttons. I still find myself accidentally clicking the ambidextrous buttons. However, this is a recurring problem with all ambidextrous mice designs that we have to simply deal with. Both these factors have never seriously affected by performances during long hour tournaments.

Why should every gamer choose the Sensei Raw?

Steelseries Sensei Raw is perfect for claw grips and hybrid claw/palm grips. This is a better choice as a gaming mouse compared to Razer Taipan and Mionix Avior mouse designs. These are both ambidextrous designs that are frequently used to pro gaming. However, none of them is as light or as easy to control as the Sensei Raw.

If you are a left-handed pro gamer, you can simply go with the Steelseries Sensei Raw. It is quite affordable and has everything the Sensei does not have. if you are planning to setup a gaming station, then you must a a good gaming chair also. we lust complete a post on buying guide for gaming chair read this post here.