The Best Guide to iOS 12 Beta Download

Apple last year announced the iOS 11 at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event on June 5. And very honestly speaking, the iOS 11 was praised on numerous counts. Both fans, as well as critics, appreciated the iOS 11 praiseworthily.

Clearly and evidently, the iOS 11 happens to be one of the biggest success from the house of Apple when it comes to OS releases over the last decade. But with passing days, more and more leaks, as well as rumors, are emerging on the Internet which echoes that the new OS from Apple’s house will be another success in 2018 (i.e., this year).

Tech savvies like us are also eager to know the many changes that Apple will adopt with its next OS. But above all, unlike the passing years, this time too, fans need to know how to proceed with iOS 12 beta download from the very beginning so that they don’t face any technical mishaps when the beta versions are rolled out for fans.

How to proceed with iOS 12 beta download?

Step 1: To proceed with the downloading of iOS 12 beta, you need to make a backup of the iPhone you are using or the iPad and then just visit the iCloud to prevent data loss.

Step 2: Now, if you are a first time user, you will have to create an account on Apple Beta Software Program. And if already done, sign in is required just!

Step 3: As soon as the sign in is done, now in the very place you will have to click on the Agree option in order in order to check Terms and Conditions. Now you are all set to proceed with iOS 12 beta download.

One Quick Note: You will have to remember that it needs absolutely no rocket science to wait for Apple actually delivering the beta before you can start using it by downloading it accordingly. To get a clearer idea of the release of iOS 13 beta, you will have to watch the space.

Parting Words

Now that the rumor mill offers leaks and anticipations in plenty for the next Apple’s OS, we expect further revelations to be taken place in the coming days. For wishlist features which may come with the new OS, here’s to count days and watch this space with us. Enjoyed reading our guide to iOS 13 beta download? Share it with your close ones!