Borderlands 3 Rumors Suggest a 2018 Release Date May Happen

Ever since the release of Borderlands 2 in 2012, longtime fans of the series have been clamoring for an update on the developers’ intentions to carry forward the legacy of the series with a brand new main entry. So although we have gotten a Pre-Sequel in the middle, the number of Borderlands 3 rumors has only been escalating.

Gearbox Software Fuels Borderlands 3 Rumors

However, developers Gearbox Software have hardly said anything of consequence, at least directly. But actions do speak louder than words, and there is little doubt that the game Borderlands 3 is in production. Speculations began as early as 2014, even as studio head Randy Pitchford denied ideating on a brand new game. By the year after, however, Pitchford confirmed that the studio was about to move ahead with a new Borderlands entry solely for the eighth generation of consoles.

Interestingly, however, he has not named the game even once, but that has definitely not done anything to curb the rumors that this is indeed Borderlands 3 and not some spinoff. In 2016, the studio confirmed that Borderlands 3 would be the game they will work on after the release of Battleborn, but things went quiet for a while. However, Gearbox’s stint at the 2017 GDC event gave rise to a fresh round of Borderlands 3 rumors. For the demo that was showed off built on the Unreal Engine 4 looked like it definitely belonged to a Borderlands game, giving ample hints that this was footage from none other than Borderlands 3 itself.

Borderlands 3 rumors

Story Hints Have Been on the Rise

Since then, the studio has been giving out hints regularly, with Pitchford posing for his Twitter followers in full motion capture garb for an unnamed Gearbox project, where he claimed to be playing the part of a “psycho bandit.” In the meantime, fans have found telling messages related to the secretive project hidden inside the Battleborn DLC, therefore feeding rumors about Borderlands 3 story.

It is to be noted that even after all this, there is no official confirmation on the upcoming game. However, we may have gotten a clue about the Borderlands 3 release date at Take-Two Interactive’s earnings call earlier in 2017. According to the publisher, 2K will release a new game under one of its most coveted franchises sometime in 2018. If this game happens to be the one we are talking about at the moment, then there is one more addition to the growing list of Borderlands rumors.

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Wrap Up

As things stand right now, it appears that Gearbox is definitely working on pushing out a new game in the Borderlands series, “the big one,” soon. We also believe that 2018 will be the year it will see the light of the day, based on the Borderlands 3 rumors and other statistics. Now, all we have to do is to wait for an official announcement.