Christmas Games for Kids and Adults

Are you preparing for the Christmas party?? Yes!! Oh I knew it. We all are very much excited about the upcoming festival Christmas 2016. Christmas has its own importance of our life. All Christians, non-Christians community people are equally take part on this event. Though it has a religious part but to us the inner enjoyment and fun is more important. So we celebrate this day with a great celebration. No celebration can complete without party. Christmas party is very popular among all. When you are thinking about throwing a party on Christmas for children and adults you should plan for some game. This game will give an extra hit to your party.


If you are planning for the Christmas party or social gathering among your relatives and friends on this holiday season you will definitely want some activities to keep everyone happy and busy. Here are some gaming ideas that will provide a genuine fun when you will spend great time together.

Christmas card Couples

This is really a great game for adults. Children can also play this game but some rules are not applicable for them. Or you can lose some rule so that everybody can join uniformly on this game. If you will arrange a little gift for the winner then the game will have a extra charm.

Santa’s Hat

This is a fun game and the game starts when your guest arrive the party. When each person enter the room give them a Santa’s hat and ask them to keep it on their head until the host take off his hat. When everybody will busy to talk with each other or other stuff you will remove your hat. Notice that who catches this and do the same. The last guest who has the hat will declare looser. You can precede this game to the next round.

Make a Reindeer Rack

This is totally an exciting game for both adults and kids. Give all the material for making Reindeer Rack. Divide your guest into two teams and tell them to make a perfect “antlers”. The team makes a perfect antler they will win.

Human Christmas Tree

This is a icebreaking game for all age. Divide your team as per your choice and ask for a volunteer on each team as he/she will be the Christmas tree. Give them the decorating material like aluminum foil, scissors, color papers etc. Allow 10 to 15 minutes to decorate the human Christmas tree. The team creates the most beautiful tree will wins.

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