FIFA 18: What new key specs will the game be consist of?

FIFA 17 was released on September in the year 2016 which created havoc among all the FIFA fans. Now that some months have passed, FIFA freaks are in their biggest hope for FIFA 18 to get unveiled in this year. Going by the reports, FIFA 17 was much of excitement for FIFA gamers, and yes, it definitely touched millions of hearts when we are concerned about the gaming industry. By the speculations, we can offer you with one great rumor. EA Sports is speculated to have already started working for its next FIFA 18. This football-based video game was first launched in the year 1993 with the name FIFA Soccer or FIFA Football, in whatever name you can address it.

When gaming world is the limelight, every gamer is interested about what new features will the upcoming console be consisted of. In order to maintain that satisfaction of the serious gamers, here’s what you exactly need to check out. Yes, you have guessed the correct thing. Now we are talking about the wishlist features of the next FIFA 18. Read carefully to get more info.

For a real life footballer, crowds are a must! Without crowds, a footballer’s life is as empty as the vacuum. FIFA is a game for all, be it real life or the virtual one. Watching the screen and pressing keyboards, that’s what you do when you play FIFA. You hear the crowds shouting, and your level of excitement does increase while playing the game. Virtually it does excite you, isn’t it? So this time, is expected to come up with better crowds along with incredible graphical feats.

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EA Sports had introduced Women’s Football in FIFA 16. FIFA fans extremely praised this move. But there’s just one problem, to play FIFA 16 Women’s Football, you need to select only the women’s team. And you will find so option of playing the club football. So we need to witness something greater in the upcoming FIFA 18. FIFA 17 changes have awfully appeared. When you aim for a corner shot, it doesn’t appear to be that easy, especially when we talk about multiple modes of the game. We hope FIFA 18 to improve the penalty shootout. Apart from all this, the graphical glitches in FIFA 17 were just hilarious which needs to be improved. As we all know, EA has launched the game with Frostbite engines our expectations also cross the summit. After all, it’s a gamers’ gamer, after all, it’s FIFA!

FIFA 17 with its journey mode was unveiled in the year 2017 precisely in September. If at all it goes by its traditions then fans can hope for FIFA 18 release to be in September this year (2017). To conclude, FIFA 18 is a bigger than expectation game, so fans enjoy the journey of excitement to know more about FIFA. More updates are awaiting in the coming days.