Galaxy S8 Cases: What Do They Indicate?

Early leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S8 case indicate a number of things about the upcoming device which are noteworthy and very important in the long run. The Galaxy S8 is very important in the long run for the Korean behemoth following the disastrous Note 7 fiasco last year. The Note 7 is now listed as a discontinued device on the internet. Released on 19 August 2016 and touted as the successor to the Galaxy Note 5, the then-new device was touted as the sixth main device in the Galaxy Note series. The Galaxy S7 was prone to fires and bursts and the battery was blamed for the fiasco. At least Samsung said so officially.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 case has reportedly leaked and is now a subject of intense scrutiny. While the largeish square opening on the bottom left-hand side of the new device has been under controversy, the Galaxy S8 is rumoured to feature the S-Pen, which is a stylized Samsung stylus. The other theories floated to account for the hole are the carried-over headphone jack, which it well could be, and the fact that it could also be a proprietary charging port for the Korean giant.

The Galaxy S8 cases have also been subjects of speculation when it comes to the form factor of the upcoming devices as well. Remember that the Galaxy S8 is supposed to ship in two variants, one the regular Galaxy S8 and the other larger S8 Plus. The new Galaxy S8 case also leaks two very important aspects of the phone. One is the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, obviously there for the renewed sense of security that the Galaxy S9 as well as the parent organization. We have come to love the Google Pixel XL which also boasts the same feature. It is very easy to reach over to the rear using the index finger and use the fingerprint sensor. Some users, however, are not too convinced of the new feature’s functionality.

The other worry about the new functionality is the problem people with small hands will face with the high-mounted fingerprint sensor on the rear. However, this is yet to be confirmed, despite what noted tipster Evan Blass has to say. The other boorish feature about the new phone as confirmed by the Galaxy S8 cases is the retention of the headphone jack. While last year’s last few months was abuzz with news of the headphone jack being dropped, we can now confirm that this will not be the case.

The headphone jack was first ditched by Apple and although Samsung has often been criticized for aping Apple blindly, we can heave a sigh of relief that this instance is not in the same league. We believe that Samsung will not go the wireless headphone way as Apple will. While this will certainly come as welcome news to fans of their own respective headphone brands, some tech experts have branded this move as Luddite. Only time will tell if Samsung has done the right thing.