As iPhone 7 takes shape: a sneak peek

The most recent news from the horse’s mouth says that Apple is still finalizing the body of iPhone 7 so there is not much news on that front. But we know for sure that iPhone 7 will be a lot slimmer, lot bigger and a lot shinier. All the reasons you would want to get your hands on one on the first week of its release. From the status of development we can say that it will be at least the third quarter of the year till iPhone 7 is released in the main markets.


Basic designs changes

The initial pictures released show that iPhone 7 will have the same general shape as the previous generation iPhones (so much for new designs!!). But the surfaces are much smoother, edges are curved and the camera lenses are flat. Something which has never been seen in an iPhone before. Also the physical home button will be replaced by a touch activated home “button” which will eliminate the screen segregation and create the impression of a much larger working screen.

A few inclusions and a few exclusions

The removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack is a debatable step though. According to some, it will alienate the main users, according to others it is a step towards iPhone evolutions. The lack of headphones is made up for by the presence of Smart Connector. By using this you can connect to any compatible portable device including keyboards, Bluetooth headsets and even printers. Connectivity will be taken to a different level altogether with the new iPhone 7 from Apple.

iPhone 7: what’s inside?

This innovation will run on 2 GB RAM and the 7 Pro which will follow iPhone 7 shortly will run on a 3 GB RAM and an A10 Processor from TSMC. This is quite unimpressive compared to the tricks pulled by Samsung and Sony who are already coming up with 6 GB RAMs and 2 GHz octa-core processors for their basic models. Nonetheless, it is quite an evolutionary step for Apple since all the new devices will come with built-in iOS 10.

A new dimension of photography

Multiple rumors also say that Apple is planning to launch the 7th gen iPhone with a dual lens camera with DSLR-like image quality. Now users can access two rear cameras with different specialties. One for general photography and one for expert photography in low light conditions with enhanced zooming options.

Battery and charging

The battery life of iPhone 7 is a considerable improvement over iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. The 7.04 WH of battery opens new doors for sustainable battery usage for Apple. The phone will come with a wireless charger which will allow you to be connected 24×7 irrespective of charging status. iPhone 7 is definitely going to be a lot more user friendly and economic.

For the rest of the updates you may have to wait till September 2016 as the market and Apple representatives are keeping their mouths tightly shut about further inclusions and exclusions from Apple’s evolutionary phone.