iPhone 7 Could Have a Touch-Sensitive Home Button

iPhone 7 Home Screen

Apple is all set to surprise us with its new upcoming iPhones. How will they do it then? Well, the giant technology company is planning to make away the concept of home button. Well that undeniably that sems reallt interesting.

A report from Taiwanese website Digitimes, says Apple could introduce a touch sensitive home button to completely flush with the phone’s face. Though the sources does not claim to be completely true but there has been some moves by the Cupertino giant which backs up the news. There have been claims that Apple is interested in developing new displays with embedded fingerprint scanners which means that a physical home button would no longer be needed as the function would be integrated into the display. Alternatively, there’s a second way thatanonymous home button can incorporated by constructing it using pressure sensitive, malleable materials in a similar way to the 3D sensitive hardware which Apple has already incorporated in its 6s and 6s plus series.

iPhone 7 Home Screen

Apple now has a paytent for Liquid metal home, which means whenever users will put a finger on the button it will change the shape on its own and will return back to the normal size after taking away the finger.. This would even help iPhones dustproof and waterproof.  Apparently, Apple would use haptic feedback motors similar to those found in the Retina MacBook Force Touch Trackpad to help commit to the illusion of a Home button being on the body of the phone.

The rumors also claims that Apple is considering a matte black color which may be distinctly darker than space gray for the chassis. The requirements of iPhones to be waterproof has been made by the consumers from a long time and by making the digitally synthetic Home button would be necessary to help Apple truly seal the exterior casing from the water. However, it is still a mystery that how Touch ID would work with a non-physical Home button. By ditching the home button, Apple could shrink the size of a smartphone without reducing its screen size.

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By using Liquid metal technology, the home button could change from being a part which is housed separately from the phone’s casing to being a patch on the device’s face. This can result in a completely buttonless feature for the future iPhones. If all these rumors are expected to be true, iPhone 7 will be having a major design overhaul from its previous iPhone devices. Well it is not confirmed yet whether Apple will introduce the touch-sensitive home button with iPhone 7 or iPhone 8.