LG V30 Rumors Clearly Hint at the Absence of Secondary Display

Rumors of LG V30

There has been no lack of news and updates regarding the smartphones which are going to come out in the course of the year 2017. With less than half of the year left to go, we have started to receive more and more rumors regarding the new smartphones which are waiting to be launched. And one of those is the LG V30. It is in fact, one of the bigger names which remain to be launched in the course of this year. And it is the LG V30 rumors which have stated that it the handset is going to give one of the well-known features a miss.

It is the secondary display which we are talking about. The secondary display is one of the signature specs of the smartphones which come out from the house of LG in the V series. And almost all the rumors of LG V30 have stated that the smartphone will not have the secondary display. But there is no official statement on that and all that we can do at this moment is wait for the official confirmation to be made. And it seems that it is not going to be too long before we can come across some official updates on that.

Rumors of LG V30
LG V30 rumors

And before that, there are lots of other LG V30 rumors which will certainly make the fans really excited about this upcoming flagship device. It is speculated that the upcoming flagship from the South Korean smartphone manufacturer will have the most coveted feature of the previous flagship device – the LG G6. And that is the 18:9 aspect ratio of the display. Not many handsets which are available in the market come with such a feature. So it will be really great to find LG V30 featuring such a display technology that will enhance the user experience.

The LG V30 speculations have further stated that it is going to be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset under the hood coupled with a 4 GB RAM. This is because the Geekbench listing of a smartphone from LG with model number LGE LG-H932PR has performed quite brilliantly. No other LG smartphone, waiting to be launched, has the capability of performing so incredibly. So the speculations have received a further boost.

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Wrap Up

With the release date of the LG V30 approaching fast, we can expect more and more LG V30 rumors to flow in. But everything will be confirmed once the developers unveil the device in the month of August. Till then, everything that we can do is simply wait and watch.