Popcorn Times: Can it be used our you smart TVs?

popcorn times for PC

With the revolution of technology, there comes the era of smartphones and gadgets. Since we are living in the 21st century, time is really one precious thing which is beyond imagination. Right from the beginning when the internet was nothing but just a myth till now, generations after generations have witnessed and gone through several changes. Talking about Popcorn Times, it is a BitTorrent client providing you services in the field of video streaming. This service is absolutely for free of cost. Many sources have significantly appreciated Popcorn Times, one of the major ones are the PC Magazine, CBS News and more. The service has already gone through comparison with that of Netflix. But those who already use this service, they will get a similarity of Popcorn Times with that of ShowBox or MovieBox; offering users television shows, anime, HD movies, etc. In case you have just joined Popcorn Times to enjoy its services then please do follow the below-mentioned list of system requirements which are needed in order to download Popcorn Times apk version. Read below for more information.

popcorn time for pc

  • First, the users need a fast internet connection.
  • Second, users have to get either of the mentioned OS; Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS X.
  • Third, users need a minimum of 4GB RAM along with it, minimum storage of 5GB in the C Driver.
  • Last, let me remind you of one thing! A graphics card is of 1 GB is needed which is of course up to date.

The Popcorn Times application is eligible in supporting Chromecast. So users here’s a good news! If you have a smart TV, you can easily stream your favorite TV shows or movies to enjoy it on your big screen. Listed below are the steps by which you can watch Popcorn Times on TV:

  • With an HDMI cable, first, you need to connect your unit to your TV set.
  • Second, on an Android TV, make sure you sideload the application.
  • Third, you must connect an Android stick PC to the respective TV set and immediately install the application.
  • Fourth, using a Chromecast or an Apple TV, users need to “Cast” to the TV set
  • Last, using DLNA, you are ready to play the file on your television.

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Without freezing or buffering, Popcorn Times allows users to enjoy their favorite television series, HD movies or any anime. There’s an unlimited list of movies that is available in Popcorn Times. The new TV series and movies get added to a continuous process which lets the users watch the most popular and recent movie. Fortunately, the downloadable videos are available in a couple of formats such as MOV, FLV, MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV and more. Other features of Popcorn Times, which are worth to mention are the comprehensive information that is available in Popcorn Times about the cast and crew, review by fans and critics as well. But what excites more is that the Popcorn Times is not at all required for users to get signed in. According to viewers convenience, the videos and movies are categorized and divided into several parts under the names; Popular, New Release, Top Rated, Coming Soon. Everything in the Popcorn Times is quite informative. In conclusion, we can say, out of all the video streaming apps, Popcorn Times stand above all.