Rituals and Superstitions Regarding Cats


Cats! Cute, furry and one of the most lazy creature that can be found making itself cosy in odd places of your house! It sleeps most of the time of the day and makes your day when cuddles. One of the well known pet all over the world the number of Cat lovers are quite large. A creature, which is so innocent and loving sadly part of many rituals and superstitions. Through out the world there are so many omen stories that may give you the biggest a shock of your life! Check out the rituals and superstitions regarding cats. National Cat Day hopes to dispel superstition surrounding our environment.

Rituals and Superstitions Regarding Cats:


•In Italy people believe that if a black cat crosses their path it means the devil is present.
•In the Netherlands, cats are believed to be gossipy creatures. They can tell all your neighbors your deepest, darkest secrets. This is the reason; people try not to have important or private conversations while a cat is present in the room.
•According to the Japanese superstition, if a cat washes its face with its paws (apart from being adorable) it means that the visitors are on their way. Presumably, cats get advance warning, and so they can look their best in front of the company arriving?
•In Italy, hearing a cat’s sneeze is supposed to be good luck. Specifically, if your pet gets the sneezes, it indicates there is money coming your way.
•Egyptian belief that black cats were associated with Bastet, and keeping one was believed to bring her favour; maybe it is to do with the European conviction that witches had black cats as familiars and so they were bad omens. Another black cat superstition very few have heard, is that if a black cat walks onto a ship and back off again, the ship will be doomed to sink on its next voyage.
•In Greece, the folklore suggests that if a cat jumps across a person’s grave, they will rise again as a vampire. The belief possibly has come from the story of Hecate. But whatever the reason is, people tend to want to keep cats away from dead bodies.
•As a part of the ancient superstition has it that if, you kick a cat, you will get rheumatism, and if you were evil enough to kill a cat consciously, medieval superstition says you will forfeit your soul to the devil.
•American superstition regarding cats suggests when you see a one-eyed cat, you must spit on your thumb, stamp it in the palm of your hand, and make a wish. Your wish will come true.
Superstitions Regarding Black Cats
•In England if a black cat lived in the house, the young girl would get plenty of marriage proposals.
•As per ancient myth, Fisherman’s wives used to keep black cats while their husbands went away to sea. They had a belief that the black cats would prevent their husbands from the danger. These black cats were considered so valuable that they were often stolen.
•In ancient days, the Druids thought that black cats were humans. These humans in cat were actually those humans who were punished for evil deeds.
Have you ever can thought there could be so many superstitions and rituals can possibly surround with a tiny little soft creature like cat!