Samsung Galaxy S8 Set to Come with Rounded Edges as Leaked Images Suggest

Much before the setting in of the New Year, news and updates have kept on coming from different parts of the world regarding the upcoming smartphones. Among those we have the Samsung Galaxy S8 which has hit the headlines very frequently. And the latest one that has come out has revealed some important information regarding the design of the device.

The news that has come out has provided a leaked image of a temepered glass protector which is found to be having rounded edges. This image has given rise to speculations that the upcoming flagship device is going to have rounded edges as well. The tempered glass protector that has been revealed also bears a hole which is believed to be dedicated for the Iris scanner that is reported to be coming with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The image that has come has clearly revealed that the material of the object is not made out of glass. Instead of glass the material is clearly tempered glass made by any third party developer. Also, this has given rise to predictions that Samsung might have revealed the design of their upcoming flagship device in order to prepare the protective materials of the smartphone. So it can also be believed that the release of the smartphone is not too far away.

Other than this, we have previously reported that the Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor under the hood. The Snapdragon 835 processor has been lately unveiled by its manufacturer a few days back in the Consumer Electronic Show (CES). It is reported that the chipset is made out of 10 nm technology which will make the device much faster than its predecessors. Not only that, this new processor will enable the smartphone to consume less power which will conserve the battery as well. So that comes as a big plus for the Samsung Galaxy S8 which is bound to be packed with a number of upgraded software.

Along with that the camera features are also expected to be upgraded to some extent. Samsung is always popular for the incredible features that it provides to its consumers and they are all set to take it to next level with the release of the upcoming flagship device. it is believed that Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to sport a dual lens on the back while the front camera os also going to come with a number of sensors.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to come with a 6 GB RAM along with a 256 GB internal storage. It might also be 8 GB and it remains to be seen what it actually turns out to be when Samsung announces the arrival of the smartphone on the market.

As it stands now, we are not yet sure of the fact when the flagship device from Samsung is actually going to make an appearance on the market. It isn’t too far away for sure as the reports have suggested. But we have to hold on a few more days for the official statement to come out. LG G6 also releasing on MWC