Upcoming Galaxy S9 is Expected to Hit the Shelves in early 2019

A number of smartphones are expected to come out before the end of the year, and that is one of the prime reasons why there has been a constant flow of news and updates regarding those. But that does not indicate the fact that there has not been any update on the devices which are going to come out next year. In fact, there have been quite a few updates about those. And in that list of smartphones, we have the upcoming Galaxy S9 as well.

Upcoming Galaxy S9: Release Date (Probable)

Much before there is an official statement regarding the announcement of the flagship device from the house of Samsung, rumors and speculations start coming out regarding its features as well as release date. And same goes with the all new Galaxy S9. Speculations are going on in the market that the next-generation flagship handset from Samsung will be unveiled in the month of March next year. That is very much possible. And if there is a delay it is going to be in April 2019 that the fans can come across the upcoming Galaxy S9. The reason behind such a claim is that it was in the month of April this year that Samsung Galaxy S8 has been launched. And in March 2016, it was the Galaxy S7. So March or April is the probable release date of the device.

upcoming galaxy s9 features

Samsung Galaxy S9: Features (Estimated)

There are also lots of discussions going on around in the market regarding the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 specifications which have been rumored and speculated. But among the most probable features, we have the Infinity Display. This is one of the highlighting features of the Galaxy S8. So there is minimal chance that Galaxy S9 is going to give it a miss. Among the new things that we can expect to come across in the next flagship device, we have the Qualcomm SD 845 chipset.

The SD 845 chipset will certainly enhance the performance of the smartphone. However, what remains to be seen is how the particular variant which is reportedly going to sport the Exynos chipset performs. This is because not every part of the world will get the SD 845 powered Samsung Galaxy S9. So regarding the success of the smartphone, we will have to count on the reviews from both sets of users.

Wrap Up

However, that is still a thing of distant future. As of now, not a lot has been officially revealed despite the fact that we have gotten an idea regarding the chipset which will power the upcoming Galaxy S9. More and more updates are bound to come in, and you come across all those in this thread.