Why You Shouldn’t Buy Samsung Galaxy S7

Galaxy S7 Problems

Samsung’s Flagship Phone Galaxy S7 has been one of its Best Mobile Phones so far. Its been doing great business uptil now.However there are many things that you should look for before buying. We are here to explain you the problems in Galaxy S7 that you must checking before buying this Phone.

1. Less Internal Memory

The Internal Storage capacity of Galaxy S7 is 32GB, and the External Storage capacity is 200GB. Samsung Galaxy S7 offers really good GPU Chipset and Processor but the device is having only 32GB internal memory which is a huge drawback for sure. If we start decoding the features and the price of this beast manufactured by Samsung Electronics, then we can surely conclude that this Smartphone is slightly overpriced. The Galaxy S7 will support high-quality games, videos, movies etc, so it’s quite obvious that 32GB would be very much less amount for internal storage. The worst part is that the applications of Galaxy S7 tend to store more cache memory than needed, and that’s why the process will run slower than expectation. So you need to delete frequently unused videos, apps to keep your phone active and agile.

Galaxy S7 Problems

2. Heating Issues

Samsung phones use the internal storage more than any smartphone available in the market, that is where comes the heating issue of its phone. Note 4 users are already very familiar with this issue and that is no different when it comes to Galaxy S7. Install Apps that you actually require else it will consume your RAM and CPU and thereby making the phone processing inefficient.

3. Over Sensitive Touch Screen

The Galaxy S7 sports a Super AMOLED Display screen which comes with inbuilt Corning Gorilla Glass. The phone provides a super smooth touch screen experience to its users. However, sometimes the touch screen becomes little bit annoying due to its too much sensitivity.

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4. Bloated Software

This Software and Application Problem has been one of the major disadvantage for Samsung Users. The Bloated Software on Galaxy S7 makes the processing Slow thereby giving a very bad User Experience. It has a negative effect on the Internal Storage as well. The Memory gets consumed so fast thereby making the Processing Speed too slow which frustrates the user.

5. Non – Removable Battery

Samsung Galaxy S7 has a Non-Removable Battery. This worsens the problem even more. Suppose your phone hangs up and doesn’t respond at all. You had an advantage to remove the battery and re-insert it again to get the phone working. However, in this case, if the phone stops working you have no other option but to wait for a long time till the phone gets back to normal mode.

These were some of the very common problems in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Phone. You must look into all of this carefully before buying Samsung Galaxy S7. Well, we may have pointed only the negative points in this article, S7 also has some positive points just like other Smartphones. Well, people are already going gaga after hearing some rumors about Samsung Galaxy S8 and we are expecting it to come in a better form comparing to the previous installment of it.