WWE 2K18 Game: 4 Latest Developments You Might Have Missed

WWE 2k18 gameplay

2K Games is intent on delivering the best wrestling simulation game with the new WWE 2K18 game, which is the direct successor to the WWE 2K17 game released last year. The latter was a critical and commercial success with more and more players and gaming enthusiasts migrating to the game as part of strengthening their gamer credentials. In case you have missed them, the developers behind the WWE 2K18 have been regularly announcing their latest work. Here are the top four latest developments.

WWE 2K18 Game New Developments

  1. Only a few days ago, WWE superstar Triple H and WWE itself had praised the new players who got a look-in at the MSG. It is also expected that a new trailer of the WWE 2K18 game may soon arrive. The WWE 2k18 pre-order trailer will debut on the night of Monday Night Raw. Remember that the WWE Games has already posted the first teaser for the trailer reveal.
  2. 2K Games may be looking at a new ‘Road to Glory‘ mode for the new game. This is one of those modes which will ensure that the player gets to receive more experience and more finesse before embarking upon the truly great features. Like we anticipated, the new WWE 2K18 game will not feature the Road to WrestleMania mode we saw in the previous iterations. Also, the new Road to Glory mode will be an online competitive mode, reports suggest.
  3. A new Superstar Goals suite is coming to the WWE 2K18 game as well. This new feature is, in essence, remarkably similar to the previous Road to Glory feature. 2K Games will look to have a tighter in-game universe with this new feature as well. Besides, it will resemble the physical WWE universe in certain aspects, making it an ideal virtual replacement. Do not be surprised if someone like Kevin Owens becomes the Universal Champion.
  4. Resident Career Mode is Now Free Roaming: This will ensure that the backstage areas of the main arena itself will have the wrestlers looking for other competitors. Also, the game itself will have a bit more life in it, which will mean that besides the wrestling itself, the players will have a lot more to do. This is not an especially new feature as 2001’s ‘Road to WrestleMania’ too had certain free roaming aspects to it as well.

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Wrap Up

In the end, the features list of WWE 2K18 game is expected to grow even more. With more and more players migrating to this franchise, it will grow exponentially in the future, we believe.