WWE 2K19 Wishlists: What Awaits Fans?

Despite few issues with the gameplay of WWE 2K18 game, it has already been enormously successful with its unparalleled depth of experience in the field of wrestling video games. While the game has just been out for enthusiasts to make themselves busy with the journey of the game, there are reasons in plenty for cultivating our outlook upon WWE 2K19 wishlists. The main reason why we have total rights to get into the depth of the next installment is, often developers start working on the next installment once the current year’s entry is launched either, or just before it has been released. Let us now begin then.

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WWE 2K19 Wishlist
WWE 2K19 Wishlist

WWE 2K19 Wishlists: What Fans Can Expect?

This definitely isn’t going to take a whole lot of anticipations to figure out WWE 2K19 wishlist features, as it has just been just a few month ever since WWE 2K18 hit the gaming world. But there’s always room for improvement, and that’s the reason why we have reasons to shed lights on WWE 2K19 wishlists. Get some of them known by the below-mentioned points.

  • Expect more Realistic Matches- The WWE 2K18 gameplay has introduced the cutting-edge graphical technology, but this doesn’t make the matches more refined, so we expect more realistic matches to be implemented with newer technologies by the developers. This includes a proper weight detection in the ring with the sense of realism that we intend to see in the coming future.
  • The General Manager Mode- The creators of WWE 2K18 have moved forward with an extra leap and thus reinvented the series. Talking about the General Manager Mode of 2008, popularly known as the GM Mode, it had already granted the players a chance to be at the helm of the borders and hence dipping the toes in everything that a manager is intended to do. This means retiring or hiring wrestler, manage finances, and orchestrating rivalries in order to try to gain fans’ support. This was, however, a gratification from 2K for diehard fans of wrestling. We will love if the mode is brought back in the next entry of WWE 2K.

Final Words

Despite WWE 2K19’s due for one whole year, fans may expect more wishlist features to surface on the Internet. More news will come up, until then here’s the waiting. Have your own WWE 2K19 wishlists, keep the comment section busy!

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